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Specialty Pharmacy

Serving patients and providers across the care continuum.

Flexcare offers specialty pharmacy services, including medication and prescription management from initial insurance approval through medication refill. Patients and providers enjoy ease of mind thanks to our industry-leading intake and reimbursement team, dedicated patient co-pay and financial assistance programs, and expert patient care coordinators to assist with prescription ordering and management.

Care When and Where You Need It

FlexCare Specialty Services understands that complex conditions require specialized management and care solutions. Our highly experienced team of specialty pharmacy experts make managing prescriptions for rare, chronic, and complex conditions much easier for both patients and providers.

Prescription Management and Monitoring

Our prescription management services offer coordinated care provided by our dedicated pharmacy team, including financial assistance options, clinical support, medication adherence monitoring, and refill management.

Convenient Delivery Options

Save the hassle of in-person pickup, we offer medication delivery directly to your home or your referring provider’s office, as permitted.

FlexCare Specialty Services

Submit A Referral

Contact a member of our team to submit a referral. We take care of the rest, including insurance verification and prior authorization.

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