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Center of Excellence

The gold standard for KRYSTEXXA® gout treatment.

Our patient-centered and closely managed KRYSTEXXA® therapy process for gout makes FlexCare a GOUT® Center of Excellence — our gout patients can expect the highest standards of care throughout their course of KRYSTEXXA® treatment.

What makes FlexCare Infusion Centers a KRYSTEXXA® Center of Excellence?

Fastest Time to Infusion Treatment

Our dedicated and highly skilled intake specialists are motivated to make the time between referral and first infusion as short as possible for each patient. FlexCare has the shortest gout patient wait time between initial referral to scheduled treatment.

Immediate On-Site Uric Acid Lab Testing

FlexCare clinics are equipped with on-site uric acid testing technology, meaning patients only need to attend a single KRYSTEXXA® appointment for labs and treatment. There’s no need for a separate appointment to check levels days before your scheduled infusion.

In-house Immunomodulation Management

In addition to your prescribed medications, FlexCare can also prescribe and manage immunomodulators. These drugs can be taken by mouth and can improve the efficacy of your KRYSTEXXA® infusion therapy as well as help to reduce the potential risk for infusion reactions.

Highest Standards of Care & Communication

FlexCare contacts patients within 24 hours of receiving a referral, while our treatment standards of care help our gout patients to better navigate KRYSTEXXA® treatment. That’s why FlexCare patients complete their course of KRYSTEXXA® IV therapy at a higher rate than those treated at other centers

How to Get Treatment

For Patients Seeking Treatment

If you are experiencing symptoms of gout or still have elevated uric acid levels after trying oral gout medications, ask your doctor about a KRYSTEXXA® referral to FlexCare Infusion Centers today.

For Referring Providers

If you’d like to refer a gout patient to FlexCare Infusion Centers for KRYSTEXXA®, complete a referral form and fax or email it to our intake team.

Have Questions?

We have highly skilled and dedicated team members that are available to answer your questions to ensure a positive and efficient experience.