Infusion therapy can be used to treat a wide range of medical conditions and specialties when other treatment options are unsuccessful.

Also known as IV therapy, infusion therapy involves the intravenous administration of medication, antibiotics, or hydration directly into the patient’s bloodstream.

Medical conditions that benefit from infusion therapy

Infusion therapy is often prescribed for patients with chronic, complex, and rare conditions where other treatments have not been successful. In addition to providing relief to patients, in some cases, it is an overall better method of administration for the patient’s needs.

This method of administration produces a higher medication absorption rate for patients while being easier on the gut when compared to many oral medications. Infusion therapy can provide more efficient treatment and faster relief of symptoms associated with chronic illness.

Infusion therapy also allows for better control of the speed of administration. Many infusion therapy medications use a slow drip to administer the medication and allow the body to absorb it slowly, rather than a faster push of medication that might be used in an emergency.

Infusion therapy is often used for chronic illnesses that don’t respond well to oral medications. Conditions that can be treated with infusion therapy include:

As a standalone infusion therapy center, FlexCare Infusion Centers works directly with referring physicians to get patients relief from symptoms related to their illness.

Medical specialties that commonly prescribe infusion therapy

Because is an effective treatment to reduce symptoms associated with various chronic conditions, we often work with medical specialists in the fields of neurology, gastroenterology, rheumatology, and dermatology.

Physicians within these specialties have education and experience in prescribing infusion therapy, and they trust FlexCare Infusion Centers to administer IV medications for their patients.

We work closely with physicians and patients to ensure ongoing communication surrounding each treatment. Our relationships with referring physicians and their teams also allow us to work together to manage potential side effects, drug interactions, or other concerns.

FlexCare Infusion Centers is here to help

Using FDA-approved medications prescribed by your referring physician, FlexCare Infusion Centers helps patients alleviate symptoms caused by chronic illness.

We understand living with a chronic illness can be scary and stressful, and we put the highest priority on patient comfort and convenience. Our comfortable infusion suites feature heated massage chairs and streaming audio and video, and we offer extended weekend and evening hours.

Getting started with us is easy. Talk to your physician about submitting a referral for infusion therapy at FlexCare. We look forward to helping you soon!