The Guide to Choosing the Best Type of Infusion Center for Treatment

When it comes to infusion therapy, there are a few different treatment options to consider. Finding the right option for Infusion Therapy depends on cost of care, quality of care and convenience of care, but the choice is ultimately up to you alone. Here is the ultimate guide to choosing the best type of infusion center for your treatment from FlexCare Infusion Centers.

Getting Treatment in Your Physician’s Office

It’s common for a physician to offer treatment directly from their office. Generally, these are unused rooms or closets that they’ve transitioned into an infusion center. Since you already know the staff, it can be convenient, but it’s not always easy to get the right amount of facetime with your doctor. They often serve other patients and check up on you infrequently.

Treatment at a Hospital’s Outpatient Department

For some people, this option can provide peace of mind during treatment. You have to check-in as a patient to receive treatment, which can end up being the more costly option for care. The process can be lengthy and you will have to pay the hospital co-pay for your insurance. This option is not always recommended, due to the number of other sick patients in the hospital.

Infusion Therapy from a Standalone Infusion Center

FlexCare Infusion Centers is a great example of a standalone infusion center. These are secondary sources of treatment that can be safer due to the lack of possibly contagious patients in the near vicinity. Our centers are comfortable, private and flexible to your schedule. We are open during the evening and on weekends to ensure our patients get treatment.

No matter where you choose to get your treatment, FlexCare Infusion Centers is always here to make it simple. We have private and semi-private rooms available for our patients, with all of the snacks and entertainment they need to make treatment comfortable. Our staff will greet you with a warm smile from day one. Want to learn more about us? Check out our blog today!

Photo Sourced from FlexCare Infusion Centers