Reasons to Choose a Stand-Alone Infusion Center

When you receive a chronic illness diagnosis that recommends infusion therapy as part of your treatment plan, you can choose where to receive your treatments. Depending on the medication prescribed, infusion therapy may be available from provider’s offices, hospital-based outpatient clinics, or stand-alone infusion centers like FlexCare Infusion Centers.

There are several reasons to choose a stand-alone infusion center for your infusion therapy needs, including convenience, comfort, privacy, and level of care.

Convenient locations and parking

FlexCare Infusion Centers offers multiple locations in Alabama, Arizona and Oklahoma with parking available right in front of each of our clinics. Our patients appreciate being able to walk straight into the reception area, which is more convenient than parking in a hospital parking garage and less stressful than trying to find a parking space near a busy medical center.

Comfortable infusion suites

Patient comfort is our priority, and we proudly offer private and semi-private infusion suites. All suites include heated massage chairs, desks, wifi, streaming audio and video, and a well-stocked snack bar.

When you combine these comfortable and inviting amenities with the amazing care provided by our team, you will have the best possible infusion therapy experience.

Extended hours

We understand everyone has busy schedules filled with priorities. Fulfilling a work obligation or attending an event for your child shouldn’t prevent you from receiving the infusion therapy you need to treat your chronic illness.

We offer evening and weekend appointments so you can ensure you receive your treatment when it works for your schedule without having to miss something else.

A streamlined referral process

We know that visiting a new medical provider can sometimes lead to anxiety or uncertainty, but our team has you covered. We make it as easy as possible for providers to send referrals to FlexCare Infusion Centers and for new patients to start receiving treatment.

Our experienced team will handle the prior authorization process with your insurance company, and we will get you started with infusions as soon as possible. We also communicate regularly with each provider and patient throughout the treatment plan.

Outstanding patient care

As a stand-alone infusion center, we are focused exclusively on infusion therapy. While hospitals and provider offices are busy juggling a variety of patient needs each day, our highly trained teams dedicate their full attention to providing you with the best experience possible during your infusion treatment.

We are proud to be a patient-centered infusion center for patients with chronic illnesses, and we’d love to administer your prescribed infusion therapy.

Get started with FlexCare Infusion Centers

We offer a simple referral process for referring providers and a comfortable, convenient experience for patients. Let us know if you’re ready to switch or talk to your provider about receiving your infusion therapy at one of our stand-alone infusion center locations. They can find everything they need to get started on our website, including the option of requesting an office visit from our team to learn more about our approach to infusion therapy. We look forward to meeting you soon!