Everything You Need to Know about Infusion Therapy from FlexCare Infusion Centers

Through the advancement of technology, our healthcare system has grown exponentially. Infusion therapy has become an effective form of delivering medication directly to the veins (intravenously). We want you to know everything about infusion therapy from FlexCare Infusion Centers, and how infusion treatments can help you live a healthier life.

Infusion vs. Injection Treatment

Using gravity or a pump to regulate the rate of administration, infusion therapy is recommended for conditions that can’t be treated by traditional medicine. Some intravenous medications are given through injections or injectables. When medication is administered through IV Push or through injection, it means that the medication is slowly introduced intravenously by a syringe.

Infusion Therapy with FlexCare 

Infusions are typically administered by registered nurses, nurse practitioners or physicians. Drugs may also be administered by non-licensed staff such as medical assistants and IV techs. Typically, conditions or diseases that don’t respond to oral medication are treated with infusion therapy. At FlexCare Infusion Centers, we treat conditions such as osteoporosis, autoimmune diseases and much more.

Where Can You Get Infusions?

Infusions can be given at a variety of health care sites such as outpatient, home and inpatient settings. Infusion centers, such as FlexCare Infusion Centers, administer outpatient infusion therapy. The FlexCare Infusion team treats all of our patients with care and strives to make every infusion as comfortable as possible. We monitor vital signs to watch out for side effects and infusion reactions.

Our infusion centers uses advanced equipment to enhance treatment. Every detail in our clinic is designed for comfort, from privacy to heated recliners, snacks and streaming services. We also ensure that our patients are able to receive the treatments they need with extended treatment hours and weekend options. Want to know how we can help you take care of your health? Contact us today!