Benefits of an Ambulatory Infusion Center

When patients with chronic, complex, or rare conditions need infusion treatment, there are typically three options: hospital-based outpatient clinics, doctor’s offices, or an ambulatory infusion center (stand-alone clinic). Most patients have a choice in where they receive treatment, as the location can impact both scheduling and total cost to the patient.

Three key benefits of an ambulatory infusion center are the comfortable environment, convenient access, and specialized care.

Comfortable environment

Patients with chronic or complex conditions already spend a significant amount of time in clinical settings, which can sometimes feel cold and unwelcoming. For some patients, hospital settings can add extra stress because of past hospital experiences tied to their diagnosis or prior treatments.

At an ambulatory infusion center like FlexCare, the entire environment simply feels different. We offer private or semi-private rooms, heated massage chairs, streaming video and music, desk space for patients who want to work during their infusion, patient-controlled thermostats, and a well-stocked snack bar.

Convenient access

Getting infusions at a hospital clinic or in a doctor’s office can often mean parking far away and navigating those never-ending hallways to get to the right spot. Ambulatory infusion centers are often located in smaller office complexes or in locations where the front door takes you directly into the reception area. Easier parking and quick entry into the infusion center means less time away from work or family to get an infusion. We also offer evening and weekend hours for the convenience of our patients.

Specialized, focused care

Hospitals and physician offices are juggling lots of things all day long to meet the needs of their patients. As an ambulatory infusion center, we’re focused exclusively on infusions. Our highly trained staff gets to know each patient and strives to make the FlexCare experience the easiest part of the patient’s day. Our staff spends time answering questions, updating patients on their progress, and making sure each patient feels as comfortable as possible at every infusion appointment.

We work closely with our patients and their referring physician to provide infusion treatment as quickly as possible in a safe, comfortable environment. If you have questions about receiving infusions at FlexCare Infusion Centers, contact us today!